The Twits

Day 4 The Twits   So what I want to know is this. How often do all these hairy-faced men wash their faces? Is it only once a week, like us, on Sunday nights? And do they shampoo it? Do they use a hairdryer? Do they rub hair-tonic in to stop their faces from going … More The Twits

Lord of the Flies

Day 2, Day 3 Lord of the Flies   I thought I’ll mix things up after that extremely easy start. So, I picked up Lord of the Flies while on a 24 hour rotation in the labour room. Turns out, I would escape one crazy reality only to enter into another. Of course, Lord of … More Lord of the Flies

The Big Read

365 days 100 books So, I have taken up a challenge. I’m usually not good with challenges; unless they last for…like a day. Long term challenges have me busted because I run out of patience way before I should. My father says it’s because I lack discipline; and if you see the state of my … More The Big Read