Animal Farm

Day 38-39

Animal Farm


I had heard of this book before I ever thought of reading it and as I held the diminutive book in my hand, I wondered why I never did think of reading its 100-odd pages. As I began to delve into the happenings at Manor Farm, I had this strange feeling of inhabiting an alternate reality where animals had human intelligence and had taken over the world. I felt as if George Orwell had this dream one night after sampling some dodgy curry, woke up the next morning, tweaked out this dream and Animal Farm was born.

Because, you see, Animal farm is not a book about animals. It is a book about man and about how man exploits man. It is a book that he intended as a satire for the policies of the then Soviet union, but holds true even today. Because, Lord Comrade Napoleon still exists and will continue to exist in this world under various pseudonyms.

This book lays bare the fact that regardless of the number of rebellions and the many noble intentions that pave the way for a rebellion, there will always be those who seek power for power’s sake and who would abuse it the first chance they get; there would always be people who would kowtow to those in power however despicable they might be; and there would always be those who would accept them and surrender to them. This is the way of a world which is forever on a lookout for a superhero to deliver them to peace. Basically, this is how humanity had worked and is still working.

For a small book, Animal farm packs a knockout punch that will leave you reeling for sometime after you close the book. In a few short chapters, Orwell gives you an air-view of humanity in the garb of animals and just for that, I would say, read it. Read it and learn from it; so that if, ever in your life, a mistake is made, you might not be able to stop it or rectify it, but, you must at least be able to recognize it.

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