The Mockingbirds

  I didn’t think I was going to like it. Because when I started reading the book, the lead character seemed to have no voice, except for her sarcastic inner thoughts. She irritated me because she kept rejecting the idea of standing up for herself and every other character in the book was so strong … More The Mockingbirds


I picked up the book because I liked the premise. A girl caught in the throes of society whose rules she didn’t want to follow. It was dystopian, it had a female lead, seemed like it would be good. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. Cassia lives in a world where every major to minor decision is … More Matched

The Iron-Jawed Boy

Another book to add to your fantasy young adult fiction set in a magical school shelf. This one features young Ion Reaves as one of the six Guardians of Illyria, the kingdom of Gods. Torn apart from his family and sold into slavery due to the war his world is waging against Otherworld Humans (aka … More The Iron-Jawed Boy

Miss Pym Disposes

The blurb should be changed. To anyone who picked up this book with only the blurb to lead them, it can be a bit of a waiting game while reading this book. Because the tragedy that it talks about happens quite late in the book. By then, we have met and mated with the characters … More Miss Pym Disposes

I Capture the Castle

Days 56 – 64 I Capture the Castle Read this book for Cassandra. She is the 17 year old narrator with a wonderfully fresh perspective and a sense of humour so subtle, that there is continuous release of dopamine in your brain without you even realising it. She makes you smile; she makes you frown; … More I Capture the Castle