Big Read On Hiatus

July 1, 2015

295 Days left

89 Books to go

I’m sorry to say I have put in a temporary pin in this challenge.

I took it up when life seemed to be at its lowest. While, like always, books have put me back in a frame of mind that appreciates sanity, my life has just gotten even further derailed. So, I am going to take strength from the books I have read and from the thought that there so many more there to read and am setting out to get my life back on track. This process is going to be an extremely arduous one and the next 4-6 months are the most crucial of them all. Hence, until things are all sorted out, I have planned take a hiatus from the Big Read.

If someone is actually reading my blog, if some one was actually looking forward to my reviews, whoever you are thank you so much for existing. I can not express in words how sorry I am to be breaking off at this point. But, I promise to take it back up as soon as I can; from day 70 and book 12, I will finish this read.

Until then, expect a few random blurbs and even random-er thoughts and stories… and wish me luck.

Thank you for reading.

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