The Magic Faraway Tree

Day 64

The Magic Faraway Tree


It’s a book by Enid Blyton and it’s got a Magic Faraway Tree in it. Need I say more?

Read this book when you are tired of being an adult; when you are fed up with making grown-up decisions. Just for while then, delve into a world where children get along with each other; where parents are understanding and don’t exhibit even a shred of inquisitiveness; where words are taken so literally that Dame Washalot actually washes a lot and Saucepan Man dresses in saucepans. Be prepared for a tree that houses pixies and elves and good friends (called Moonface and has a face like the moon) and for lands that come and go and contain an old woman in a shoe and topsy-turvy people and witches and magicians.

If you are a feminist like me, then also be prepared to be irritated that every time there is the slightest trouble, the girls would burst into tears and all and any good ideas only occur to the boys. But, if you are willing leave such grown up ideas behind, then take up this book and curl yourself up for a good two hours of childhood in a box.

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