Miss Pym Disposes


The blurb should be changed. To anyone who picked up this book with only the blurb to lead them, it can be a bit of a waiting game while reading this book. Because the tragedy that it talks about happens quite late in the book. By then, we have met and mated with the characters and are quite entrenched in their lives. The tragedy, when it does happen, is just one of the things that happen while their lives go on. It is certainly not the cornerstone that the plot depends on.

Miss Pym is a delightful character and her little reflections on each student that she meets make for a pleasantly ticklish reading. All the characters introduced are unique and stand their own ground. Character development is well-rounded and gives that comfortable feeling of familiarity to the reader. The only drawback with this is that, if you have read the blurb, then you are waiting for one of them to die and that definitely keeps niggling you at the back of your mind because you don’t want anyone to kill or be killed. That was a rare feeling and even while it disturbs me, I laud the writer for her skill to make me care.

I would say pick up this book if you are an enthusiastic reader of stories set at a boarding school (like me). It captures life in a campus with all its whims and vagaries and lays it out in a beautifully delightful prose. Tey doesn’t preach or ask to judge right from wrong. She shows us the world through Miss Pym’s youthfully jaded eyes and lets us to come to our own judgement at the conclusion.

Bottomline: If you like boarding school stories or if you like books about and with girls, I would definitely recommend this book. It is funny, it is relaxing without being boring, the characters are lovely and it even has a murder with a twist to boot.

Happy Reading!

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