The Iron-Jawed Boy


Another book to add to your fantasy young adult fiction set in a magical school shelf.

This one features young Ion Reaves as one of the six Guardians of Illyria, the kingdom of Gods. Torn apart from his family and sold into slavery due to the war his world is waging against Otherworld Humans (aka us), he is again dislodged from his situation unceremoniously and thrust into the school run by gods, of gods and for gods.

The character of Ion is easy to follow. He is your typical 12 yr old boy, but with greater concerns like keeping alive and rescuing his father.  His fellow guardians- be it the good ones or the bad- are well written and uncomplicated. The gods are given a little more of a personality and most of the interactions in the book are natural and as funny as they need to be.

The plot is not much to talk about since it is very predictable. Any experienced reader knows when and how something is going to go wrong. I really wished while reading the book, that it would give a few jolts at least. But, no. The ending is also very predictable and that is the major downfall of this book. It is the first book of an 8-book series and the ending, kind of, unhooked me when it should have done otherwise.

I will probably skim through the other books in a bunch once they all come out to finish the story. No standing in line for this one.

BOTTOMLINE:  You will enjoy this book if you are into the fantasy magical school genre. You will enjoy all the more if you are in the age group of 10-15 yrs. But, if you are a 23 year old like me clutching on to fantasy in a bid to deny your adulthood, prepare to find a few faults and pick out the mistakes, before closing it with a sigh and crawling back to Harry Potter.

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