A Thousand Splendid Suns- An Ode

d25a5855c72c92f8b37a5f32bc8f0b3bSometimes it’s difficult to put what you feel into words. Sometimes it’s near impossible. It’s not that you can’t name the feelings; it’s just that there are times when the feeling is just that something sweeping you off your feet in its flow, ruthless in its insensitivity and unfeeling in its intensity. It’s an amalgam of everything you know and so many that you don’t, that you can’t imagine. If I was a rock of granite, then it’s a flood of molten lava pouring down, all over me, melting me down, leaving me puddle of whimpering mass…

It overpowers my every sense, overwhelms my every thought…what am I speaking of?

Helplessness….I’m speaking of raw, painfully fresh sense of helplessness that fills each and every pore of your body until that moment when the realization strikes that you can’t take it anymore…

This is an ode to the book- A Thousand Splendid Suns and the wounds that it rips open.

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