Piggy Sense- Save for a rainy day- by Reed Abbitt Moore.

piggy sense

Whenever I read a book for children, I reflect back to my childhood and in the mind-set of a 6 to 8 year old me- the decision is made. So, did my 6 year old self like Piggy Sense?

Yes, it did!

It had big colourful pictures, minimal but clear-cut text and a story that dreams of dreams. Piggy Sense is the ideal book for kids who are just being introduced to reading. It’s also ideal for the time when you’re introducing your kid to the idea of money-management. In fact, let’s face it, we can all use a lesson in money-management.

In Save it for a rainy day, Moore tells us a story of a smart boy who receives a penny and dreams of making millions off of it. In simple, straightforward rhymes, she introduces and teaches the importance of that one integral part of all our childhoods- the piggy bank! The book is all of 35 pages, but those 35 pages boast of vivid colors and an easy prose that’ll make for a very fun bedtime read.

My favorite part of the book though were the last few pages where she explained the currency denominations mentioned in the book. Because, I’m not from the US, the penny-nickel-quarter system tends to go right over my head. But, clarifying it at the end really elevated the reading experience for me, because, for once, they weren’t just words that I jump over and ignore; I felt included in the story and that, of course, is a feeling that I’ll take away with me after closing the book.

BOTTOMLINE: I recommend this book for 2-8 year olds. So, yes, buy the book for your baby, read it to him every night he asks for it and maybe, just maybe, he will grow up to have money in his wallet and room in his heart, for all those that need it.

P.S:  Did you notice the author’s handle? I can’t help but love that word-play!


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