Willakaville (1 & 2)- by Bald Guy

Willakaville is this idyllic little place where people are nice to each other, where the mayor actually listens to his populace and where kids are all intelligent and loved. Until, that is, everything starts going wrong one after the other.

These are fantastical stories, set in a single familiar setting that makes the reader feel right at home. Even when some new disaster comes into being, you’re not too worried, because you know that just ’round the corner ( or at the turn of a page), a brave kid will come up with a wonky idea and set it all back into place.

That is what makes Willakaville such a great book for children. All the stories feature kids being the hero! The adults are there, but on the fringes or like Mr. Craggleknot, just helping them along. Mr. Craggleknot is amazing by the way!

This book is for kids who have started reading on their own. It is full of self-fulfillment fantasies that made up of most of my childhood days written in simple English, short sentences and expressive words. There are a few spelling/grammatical errors here and there (anywayS comes to mind). But, the stories are vivid enough to keep you from noticing them (except anywayS. Because it’s used multiple times and no, ANYWAY DOES NOT HAVE A PLURAL FORM! Sorry, that one always gets my goat for some reason).

If you notice something that gets your goat, the author leaves an email id in his preface (titled “Warning!”). Have your child contact him and leave him a note. Really, this way, you’re helping out not only the writer but also your child.

BOTTOMLINE: Very creative, very imaginative stories that every child would love. Maybe gift them to your 5 yr old on his birthday and when he/she’s finished with it, you should have a read too and live out some of your long-forgotten fantasies.

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