Cause She’s a Good Girl by Groovy Lee

cause she's a good girl

Piper is fleeing from her difficult childhood when fortune finds her in the form of her best friend- Shelly. Moving to California with her, Piper was certain, was the best decision she had made. Especially, when she laid her eyes on Shelly’s cousin Oz who seemed to be made in Adonis’s own image. However, with a Silk Stocking Serial Killer on the loose who was killing every woman Piper came into contact with and blank calls from a creep with a fake British accent, Piper’s summer, she was afraid, was beginning to turn too hot to handle.

First things first- this book is one-sitting read!

The prologue sends a chill up your spine before leading into a story that is gripping and moves rapidly. The characterisation is vivid and characters are introduced and forgotten in a flash. It is as wholesome entertainment as watching a whodunit marathon on TV on a hot summer afternoon.

Yes, the prose is amateurish and the dialogue is not subtle. There are moments when the description of the male lead will remind you of those stolen Mills and Boons read under the blanket at night when you were 12. But, while those made me want to throw something at the wall, here I would just shake my head indulgently; because our leading lady is no swooning princess. Instead she knees a guy in the groin, fights off an attacking psycho and whacks another on the head until he drops.

I didn’t mind because the book didn’t promise to take me on an exotic journey like my last read. It only invited me along for a fun rollercoaster ride and that, it delivered irrevocably. I had a lot of fun riding with Piper. Also, the author shows a lot of promise, especially in parts like the prologue that I’d already mentioned and I would love to see how she grows.

BOTTOMLINE: Are you one of those people who stands in a railway or airport bookstore before boarding and searches for the perfect companion? Search no more then. This book is made for those times. It’s easy to read, simple to follow and you’ll enjoy it all the way. Nevertheless, if you enjoy thrillers, a good murder or two, especially garnished with a serial killer- then check it out too. You might just find yourself a new guilty pleasure.

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