Starwatch by Ian Blackport

Starwatch final cover

This is a tale of caution; this is a tale of audacity; this is a tale about a pack of thieves on the most daring venture of their lives. Cyriana Faesen is a thief. That’s the official description that a mysterious person wishes to take advantage of. For the daring heist that he’s paying her to pull off, Cyriana hires all those criminals who were once friends and always professionals. Starwatch Tower is their target. But, as everyone in the team reminds her, Starwatch Tower is the one place in Asdor which has never been robbed before. Ever.


I have hardly closed the book than I’m sitting down to pen this review. I’m never usually this eager, but this book- I want to shout from the rooftops about, because it’s that good. The author has created a world which is colourful, rich in its history (of which he gives little glimpses through the quotes at the beginning of each chapter) and most of all, it’s complete. There are no unexplained elements or misunderstood backstories.

The dialogue is easy, flowing and at times, verbose. He’s full of quips that could have been controlled or edited out at times. But overall, I give the prose and the style of writing two thumbs up. It manages to grip the reader right from page one and draws you in even while making you laugh or worry or doubt every character’s sanity.

Most of all though, I loved the characters. He has used a diverse cast of people, none of whom were cardboard cut-outs. We’re introduced to each in a vividly personal approach and we’re kept in touch with their characters throughout the story as expected of a good story. No one is forgotten or overlooked or under-used. It’s a tightly written, well-edited book with a story that ranks high-up in terms of imagination and creativity.


BOTTOMLINE: Do you like heist movies like Ocean’s Eleven? Do you like books by Ally Carter or do you like the Finishing School Series by Gail Carriger? If the answer to any of these is yes, close your eyes and open them again only when you have this book in your hands, because this will be your next favorite. Even otherwise, check it out because, trust me, the book is as good as its cover suggests.


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