Oliver and Jumpy (Stories 34-36) by Werner Stejskal

oliver and Jumpy

Oliver and Jumpy are a series of books for children aged from 1 to 8 years. They are about an elegant black cat with a white top hat- Oliver and his jumpy kangaroo friend- Jumpy. They go around having new experiences and funny adventures and sharing them with all their little friends.


I was given the 12th book in the series to review. This one tells us the story of Oliver’s white top hat, his experience in the circus and his underwater adventure in the search of King Xylon’s treasure.

I found the book very…cute! The illustrations are colourful, three-dimensional and very eye-catching. The words and sentences are simple and in narrative prose. While the suitability of the stories ranges between ages, for example, I found the story of their underwater adventure geared towards the older end of the spectrum while the circus story is perfect even for wee babies. The narrative prose can also be improved, especially in the transition from page to page where I found few discrepancies of tense.

But, that aside, Oliver is an endearing character. He’s a cat with quirks and wits and makes for a really good hero for introducing pre-school and primary school children to reading.


BOTTOMLINE: If you want to introduce your kids to the imaginative lifestyle, to the beauty of vivid story-telling, these books would serve the purpose very well. If you have a 1 year old who loves looking at colors and pictures, again, these books would certainly catch the baby’s fancy. So, go for it.

P.S: I just found out there is also a YouTube channel where the author narrates these stories! Check it out!



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