Jesper Jinx And The Sneezing Season by Marko Kitti


Jesper Jinx is back; this time with new adventures and new mishaps and a bucket list too. We are also introduced to Chloe, his future girlfriend and so much more! But, I can’t tell you. Because I signed the secrecy agreement. So, the only way you can find out what Jesper is up to now is by reading the book.

I love this series. And not least because Jesper is such a fun character, but also because everybody else is caricatured amazingly well. The elder sister, the nosy neighbour, the best friend and even the cheeky squirrel are all captured so beautifully, that flipping from page to page is the most pleasurable experience.

This book is perfect for tween-age girls and boys with a penchant for mischief; though maybe, not so much for their parents. Marko Kitti’s language is simple, the sentences are short and witty and the characters quirky enough to keep you grinning throughout.

But my favorite part of the book is the unwavering humor that’s maintained all through from page 1 to the final “the end”. Written the way it is, this difficult job is made to look effortless by the author.

BOTTOMLINE: Jesper Jinx is the book I would read if I wanted company through a particularly difficult time. So, parents, do yourself a favor by reading it and do your kids a favor by introducing it to them.

Happy reading!


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