Jesper Jinx series (1 to 4)

I’d already reviewed Jesper Jinx 1 and 2. However, when I started reading again, I started from book 1 and couldn’t stop reading until there wasn’t anything to read anymore.

Jesper Jinx is just so much fun!

Marko Kitti’s 11 yr old creation has many tricks and treats up his sleeves for the young (and old) unsuspecting reader. My favorite parts of the books are always the ones where the author is pulling you into the story, making you a part of it, involving you as an integral character through his secrecy agreements and promises and side note-chapters.

Jesper Jinx comes alive off the page because of such ingenious techniques. Over the course of the 4 books, there is also a clear improvement of narration and by the time the 4th book ends, you just wish you had the fifth one in your hands already.

So, Mr. Kitti, my humble request to you is please keep writing and please keep making me laugh. And don’t worry, I’ll never ever break the secrecy agreement.

BOTTOMLINE: Buy this set of books for your naughty niece and your good-boy nephew. Then, buy a set for their parents and remind them to count their lucky stars. And then, buy a set for yourself and keep it on your shelf for that inevitable bad day when all you want at the end of it is a glass of wine, a cozy bed and a funny book to make you smile.

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