Who You Work For by Anthony David Mitchell

In a world dominated by technology and luxury, Thomas Moore lives in a den of self-imposed darkness, venturing out into the world only when the job requires him to. Secluding himself away from the sand-watchers and gadget-pokes, battling with the eels in his mind by savouring every second as it passes, he has lived his life only in his own way. Until the day he finds himself ambushing a man who calls himself Joe Colon. Led by Colon into a web of honest lies and deceitful truths, Moore begins to question his faith, his dream and everything he had ever been taught.


When Thomas Moore steered his black Ram into the gas station, the eels swam up to his brain and began the shock treatment.” is one of the most intriguing opening lines I’ve read in recent times. I mean, what ram? What eels? And why are they in his brain?

Who You Work For answers these questions in the very next paragraph and thus, begins this fast-paced thriller that’s at its best when talking to us from the point of view of Thomas Moore.

Anthony Mitchell writes his protagonist with the ease of a character that is well fleshed out and that he is intimately familiar with. You can feel the character, his motivations and the vibrations of his personality without stretching yourself. An almost similar ease is projected with the handling of the other central characters. However, the dialogue comes off a little awkward when speaking in the voices of the side characters, especially the female ones.

On the other hand, the narrative, which is a little noir in tone and very self aware, does its job incredibly well. The only qualm I had was with the scenes of action, which are very well choreographed, but the narrative doesn’t pick up the pace enough to convey the adrenaline rush that is inherent in them.

While the editing is crisp and technically sound, I did feel a little drag in the penultimate chapters following the action-packed climax. It felt a bit like the author was struggling to find the suitable drop-off point. However, the last chapter did bring a lump to my throat which meant that when I closed the book, it was with a feeling of satisfaction and an afternoon well spent.


BOTTOMLINE: I polished off this book in one sitting and every reader knows what that means. It is a gripping novel that will be especially enjoyed by the patrons of the genre of action-thrillers. I would suggest packing this book for that long flight or train journey, where you’ll have nothing to distract you from joining in the hunt with Anthony Mitchell’s Thomas Moore right on till its exciting finish.

Cheers and happy reading!


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