What About Meerkats? by Jacob Abrams


Did you ever think of meerkats? Where do they live? What do they do? How do they celebrate Christmas? You’re wondering now, aren’t you? So, read What about Meerkats? and find all the answers!


I never thought about meerkats. So, when Jacob Abrams asked “what about meerkats?” I was intrigued.

What about Meerkats? is a tiny book that introduces us to those cute little buggers with beautiful illustrations and a funny little story. The illustrations by J G Johns really caught my fancy with their bright colours and detailing. The entire page is given to the illustration and the prose is within the picture, like a comic without the speech bubbles. I do wish the writing was in a bigger font though, in relation to the picture; on those pages with only one line per page, I had to search the picture to make sure I missed nothing.

Also, the story could do with a few segues. Most of the time, comic book writing doesn’t need segues because the pictures take care of it. But, in this particular case, I felt the transitions to be abrupt at times and that can be improved.

What I enjoyed the most was the concept. It was unique and presented in a very enjoyable, fable-like manner, with the message being conveyed through actions rather than words and that is commendable in a book.


BOTTOMLINE: This is a good book to introduce your kindergartener to longer stories which have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The story is adorable with a simple teaching that can be applied in everyday life and the illustrations are very eye-catching and will help hold the attention of the child. So, go for it. Meet the Meerkats!


Haapy reading!

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