Gramma Mouse Tells a Story


One day, in their beautiful garden, as all the little mice squeak their requests, Gramma Mouse starts telling the story of her younger days and her adventurous spirit. It’s the story of her arduous journey to her Cousin Mouse’s place on the other side of the garden, told in colorful illustrations and a poetic style.


Gramma Mouse Tells a Story is a short and sweet book meant for the toddlers. The story is simple and highlights the importance of paying attention to parents’ advice. So, parents, this is the ideal book for you to start your kids off with.

The illustrations are not technically beautiful. They look more like a roughly drawn draft. But, the coloring and the expressions that capture the moment make it feel more like an art style than a clumsy drawing (and maybe it is. What do I know? I’m not an art major).

The prose I did have a few nit-picks with. The transitions within the story from one scene to another, i.e. between pages in this story, were not smooth. There were moments when I felt that I missed a scene or it has been hastily edited. Also, the sudden transition into poetic style of narrating the story felt a little jarring.

But, the story is adorable and kids will enjoy younger Gramma Mouse’s daring and adventurous spirit. On the other hand, the layout of the book with pictures on one full page and the prose on the opposite leaf, standing clear on a light background will appeal to the parents.


BOTTOMLINE: The issues in the prose are nothing that a bit of re-editing will not fix. The illustrations are colorful and the story is nice. So, on a hot Sunday afternoon, when you need something to entertain your toddler with, why not plonk down this book in front of him and go on an adventure with Gramma Mouse?

Happy Reading Kids! (and kids’ parents :-D)

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