Brandon Fisher, youngest member of his Behaviour Analysis Unit (FBI) team, knew that this case would be another stomach-churning one. After all, they had been called out to Savannah, Georgia to investigate severed body parts fished out of Little Ogeechee River. But, even that gloomy outlook couldn’t have predicted the depths of insanity that this case would lead them into. A serial killer to outdo all serial killers was in Savannah and the only way to find him was by wading through severed feet, missing hearts and blue torsos.


I turn to thrillers the way a child would turn to its mother for comfort. It’s comfortable knowing the pattern that you’re stepping into- smart detectives, a few bodies and finally, a killer to behold. Remnants follows the pattern to a tee.

The prose is simple and nowhere did it feel especially awkward. It carried the self-importance of an FBI-centred story and the promised glimpses into the personal lives of its heroes and villains. Of course, that is usually the iffy aspect in these otherwise well-written books- the internal ramblings of the main character came off as bratty and whiny and did nothing to increase my love for him. The other characters, however, did justice to their roles and I developed a sweet spot for the rest of his team mates.

The creepy factor and suspense were well-handled till the very last moment. In fact, the ending to the mystery was executed so admirably well that I wished away the actual final chapter. The procedural didn’t feel forced or out of the blue and I enjoyed it more than I expected. But, there was a smattering of popcorn psychology towards the end which felt unnecessary given the already well-built storyline.


BOTTOMLINE: Do you like Criminal Minds? Well then, look no further. This is Criminal Minds in its novelized version. I was so strongly reminded of the show that I could have finished the review with that single sentence above and I would be justified. Just like that show, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat while reading and make you heave a sigh of relief when it’s done. Just be prepared: the confluence of crazy in this one is astounding!

The book releases on 11 April 2016 and will be available on Amazon.

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