Quest Chasers- The Deadly Cavern


quest chasers

Tommy and Evie had only set out to investigate what they thought was an interesting tree following their classmate’s report that it was alive. Telling their parents that they were going to a movie, they thought they’d be back from their little adventure long before their designated time ran out. But, what happened when they finally confronted the tree was more than anything they could have bargained for.


I apologise for the rather bland summary. But, I’m so afraid to reveal anything that would make the surprise that this book is any lesser.

I remember reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when I was nine and telling my dad not to gift me such books anymore, because it was scary. Then, by the time I turned 11, I had finished all the four books in the series and was waiting on tenterhooks for the fifth. Quest Chasers reminded me of that experience. If I’d been nine now, I would have definitely been scared. Because what Tommy and Evie go through in the name of adventure took so many scary twists and turns that, by the end of it, I was ready to breakdown with Evie when they were finally reached back home.

The characters now, were easily lovable. Though Tommy has a tendency to quip a little too much and Evie’s spirit bucks up rather too quickly, I was rooting for the characters from the get-go. Their friendship is beautiful to behold and the decisions they make may seem simplistic or way too quick for us readers, but, in that atmosphere and situation, it’s nothing short of admirable. And well, it’s not like they could do anything else.

And therein lies the reason that I fell in love with the authors. The Lockhavens have created a world wherein overcoming one hurdle leads them into a greater one. For seasoned fantasy readers, the concept is a relatable one and the pacing, which is so crucial in such books, is on point here. The puzzles are interesting and perfect for the age-group of readers that’s their target audience. The book will introduce them to lateral thinking and presence of mind. The dialogue is easy to read and pulls you into the story. Their quips and the banter is, thankfully, funny and there were a few times that I actually laughed out loud.


BOTTOMLINE: Do you remember those dreams where you feel like you’re stuck? No matter how much ever you try to open your eyes, they refuse to do so? Well, that’s how this story is. So, enter into Tommy and Evie’s nightmare along with your kids. Trust me, it has enough chills and thrills to keep you engrossed for days and then, to keep you waiting for more.


Happy Reading!


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