Jesper Jinx And The Mouse Mayhem 

Jesper Jinx is in town again and this time with pets. Lenny and Benny, the Norwegian Warrior mice that Jesper picked out, however, have ideas of their own as to what constitutes funny. So, sit tight and hold on to your hats because Jesper’s notorious luck is about to take you on its dizziest ride yet.

Reading books with small font tends to give one a headache. This is a universally recognised fact. And yet, books insist on sticking to their microscopic text and my mother insists on me not medicating myself in spite of spending all her faculties on making me a doctor.

So, in the gap between an premonitory headache and a bigger book with a smaller font, I pick up Jesper’s new adventures. Because it is certain to finish in that break I’ve taken and and it is definitely certain to bring a smile to my face. My expectations proved more than correct, for in less than 10 minutes I was laughing.

Jesper’s new adventures this time involve a few mice, a lot of unexplained accidents and multiple POVs. And really, it’s not Jesper’s fault at all. Marko Kitti is still involving his readers in that enchanting way of signing secrecy agreements and this time, with a questionnaire too. Jesper’s antics prove just as funny the seventh time round and I’m left astounded at the amount of hijinks this author’s mind can come up with. And a little scared.

I must compliment the writing. It has improved in leaps and bounds since the first book and the author’s confidence leaps off the page now. Instead of many small stories, he has chosen to build a single arc this time which shows the maturity of a pre-planned idea. The kids growing up with his books would be enjoying this literary growth spurt too, I’m sure. In fact, I’m very eager to follow this author for this very reason. I want to know how far he’ll take Jesper and his own prowess.

BOTTOMLINE: Very few books are written for kids in tweenage years in the comedic genre. Their jokes straddle that messy line between too juvenile and too inappropriate and most people quickly grow out of that age with hardly any memories of its fun times. So, Marko Kitti being able to capture the innocence and inquisitiveness of that age so humorously on paper is nothing short of amazing. So, gift your tween this book and let them grow up with their own version of Matilda.

Happy Reading!


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