Unposted Letter

Usually when my mother hands me a book with a thinking man on the cover, I take it with a not-so-snide share misgivings. This time was no different except that my mother was smarter.

She first made me listen to a talk given by the author which had me in splits. Then, she handed me the book by saying the same guy wrote it; see, it might be funny; give it a try.

So, putting aside the short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I picked up Unposted Letter. 

First, a little about why this book might be acceptable to strictly fiction readers like me: it has short chapters in big font. Like two-page chapters. At the most, three pages in size 14 font. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see a good-sized font after what passes for a typeface in medical textbooks.

More importantly, for those who like and for those who dislike self-help books, believe me when I say, this book is likable. His philosophies about life, his approach to mentoring the reader will not arouse the bilious skeptic within you. They are more logical than spiritual and most of them are geared towards making yourself happy rather than finding higher plane of wherever it is that meditation is supposed to take you to.

Most of them simple teachings delivered in simple, anecdotal English. He is funnier in his speeches than in his writing. But, it’s easy to find a chuckle here and there and we all know how much we need that in life.

BOTTOMLINE: I say give this self-help book a shot. You might find it helpful or you might not. But, it’s an easy read on a hot afternoon when you want to feel good about yourself for using your time more constructively than watching Kdramas.

Happy Reading!

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