100 Books, 1 Year- Starts Again!

So yesterday, I was writing a piece on coming out of the depressive phase in my life. In the process I realised that while insomnia and binge eating might have been the most evident of my symptoms, the more insidious one exists in my dissociation from reality by turning to my gadgets.

My laptop and my phone, the prime culprits in this mental allegation, are always by my side, always ready to rescue me from an awkward social situation, always assuring me of their silent approval…maybe it’s time, I decided yesterday, to take a break; in order to interact with this cold, bleak world around me (applaud my dramatic depiction), I need to look away from the screens.

Now, in the interest of complete honesty, while part of this decision rests on my revelations in the rain from last night, the rest of it arises from this curious sort of disgust that has awoken in me at the sight of me losing myself inside a digital world. My books, colorfully decorating a part of my wall, a section of my wardrobe and a portion of my table seem to be glaring at me balefully everytime I pass them over for a batteried electronic.

So, this is the entry I make to apologise to all those whose emails I replied to saying that I’ll review their book. In my current frame of mind, I can promise that no more. Instead, I’ve decided to go paper-friendly and pick up my Big Read Challenge where I’d left it off a couple of years ago.

This is how the stats stand:

Current phase of challenge starts as of today:

14 July 2017

Challenge previously accepted from: 

April 22 2015 to July 01 2015

Which leaves me with: 

295 days to go

89 books to read

This time I’m going to be reading only the actual hand-held book versions of each book left on the list.

The list of 100 books is available in one of my posts and I’ll soon update you all with the list of books that I’ve read. (In case, you’re following me, that is. Please follow me. We’ll talk about books, I promise!)

So… that’s all then for this post.


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