We All Live On This Planet Together by June Rousso

we all live on this planet together



We all have fears. But, we are all also more than our fears. So, when your fears take hold of you, how can you overcome them? How can you remember that there is an entire world beyond them?




This book with colourful pictures is essentially for children, but, very readable by adults too. After all, adults have fears too. All of us deal with our fears on a daily basis. But, I guess adults are better off since we’ve grown into that awareness which helps us vocalise them. Children, on the other hand, feel fear; intense fear at times; not all of them, however, can put their finger on the cause or tell us about it.

So, this book is a great gift to make to your baby who’s afraid of the dark, but, hesitates to wake you up in the night when he needs to go to the bathroom. The beautiful watercolours will catch his fancy and lull him into a story that gently reminds him that fears are only part of who he is and not even an important part. He is so much more and this book reminds him to remember it every time a twinge of his heart makes him uncomfortable.

While the concept of this book is to be applauded, there are a little few things that I wish could be different. The language could be simpler. A few words here and there are above primary school reading levels, I felt. It could be converted to a teaching experience though, if you’re up to it.

The watercolours do their job of attracting your fancy. However, I felt they were a little too messy for a child’s understanding. Or maybe, I’m underestimating the kids? There is one picture though where fear takes on a rough-hued form; it stands in front of the kid; it was truly intimidating. I felt the impact even in my critical frame of mind and it stayed with me. I wished for more pictures like that.


BOTTOMLINE: The book gives out a beautiful message- that we are more than our fears; and that if we ever need help to overcome them, all we need to do is look around. The title may not give you the impression, but this little book is about not giving in to your fears- big or small. So, give it a whirl with your pre-teens for its message and in between all that seriousness, take a break and admire the colours.

Happy Reading!


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