It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In by Mawson

It's a bright world to get lost in

What does a teddy bear go through as we meet, greet and grow up by its side? What are its thoughts? What is its story? That’s what It’s a Bright World attempts to tell.

For some reason, this story really got to me. It made me smile like a lunatic, it made me want to reach for a tissue; it left an impact basically in spite of its hyper cutesy pictures of teddy bears and hearts.

The story’s narration is what did it. It takes you through the journey of a bear from its emergence into your world, out of a box and back into the box and a shelf in a shop. There’s a thread of loneliness running throughout this narration that brings a lump to your throat because you realise how true it is. And at certain times, you might even identify with that underlying feeling.

On the other end of the spectrum from feelings and stuff, this is an easy book to read. After all, it’s few words and a lot of cute teddy bear pictures. It’s colourful, it’s one photo per page and even a kid with ADHD might be captured by it for at least a while. It’s been formatted as a photo album with pretty captions. The language has been kept simple and while your kid might not appreciate the subtleties in the story, they’ll certainly enjoy the little rhymes that have been sneaked in.

BOTTOMLINE: I would recommend this book as a fun gift for new moms. While your baby goo-goos and ga-gas at the cutesy teddy bears, you could enjoy the story that it tells, appreciate it in its fullness and enjoy the nostalgia that it brings.

Happy Reading!

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