The Foreseen by Noor De Olinad

In a world where the Gods themselves talk to mortals through chosen beings called seers, Lumi is born to parents who don’t want to give her up to the temple. But, one can’t escape one’s destiny and Lumi’s destiny is irrevocably entwined with the destiny of Astra, the woman slated to be queen and with the fate of Drasilgard, the land she’s to be the queen of.

So, this story is set in a world that comes across comprehensively. You can understand that the author has an understanding of the land that she’s talking about- it’s layout, it’s boundaries and how things work there. That’s a huge plus.

The other thing is the pace. It’s starts off well. The first chapter is a cinch for dragging fantasy lovers into the story. It panders to all our favourite feelings- the enigma of a fantastical setting and the promise of getting to know it better later. As the story goes on though, the author seems to get in a hurry. Now, is it due to editorial issues or actual narration issues, I don’t know, but, towards the end especially, it’s all just too fast. And too easy.

The story is about two people- Lumi, the child seer who tries very hard not to become Mary-Sue but, kind of becomes one in the second half and Astra, who started off as a very promising character that didn’t get enough story time for my liking. The plot also felt a loophole-y in parts- like it tried too hard to be Game of Thrones, but fell short.

The thing is, there’s a beautiful world, with fleshed out characters and a plot with potential. I wish it was developed a little better, with a little less restraint and a little more immersion.

Don’t be mistaken though, it was a one sitting read. It was easy to let myself be carried along for the ride, especially along Astra’s journey for survival which kind of reminded me of Akatsuki no Yona (minus the delectable harem). I also immensely enjoyed the rituals of the seers and the royalty. They were well-described and in the end, they tied in very well with the message that this story was trying to convey.

BOTTOMLINE: Fantasy lovers, this is a book that you can try. Because it gives you a kingdom with royal feuds, gods with a hidden agenda, and a seer with spirit animals. What more can you ask for?

Happy reading!

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