Celestia by J D Evergreen

Taliah’s world is thrown into chaos with one announcement- the king is dead. The trouble for her however, begins when everybody around her seems to follow Hayton. Calls for king Hayton are heard all over the kingdom even though Hayton isn’t the king and nobody had seen his face until a day ago. In the middle of this madness, Taliah and her best friends- Chloe and Kent- seem to be the only people left in this world who can make this right.

The story is the standard tale of a young girl thrown into a war that she doesn’t want to fight. The problem for me is that Taliah doesn’t seem like that. She says she doesn’t like being the savior, she doesn’t seem to take too long to get used to the role. And that’s the primary issue for me throughout this book.

Your world has plunged into war overnight; people’s minds have been taken over and every one seems ready to lay down their lives for this one random creep that they didn’t even know existed until few hours back. That’s a situation that would take some getting used to you would think. But, almost along the heels of the brainwashed masses are our heroes, bags packed with guns and supplies. I just, I’m not so receptive to life-devastating changes, I guess. Such easy adjustment is littered all over the book and it just didn’t click for me.

Also, the book is in black and white. The bad guy looks mean, talks meanly with no subtlety whatsoever and behaves, well, meanly. The good guys are undoubtedly good and they all find our heroes rather easily. So, the Deux ex machina is generous in this narrative. There are times you can let it slide. But towards the end, I just felt- maybe it shouldn’t be so easy.

What I loved- contrary to all my expectations- the love story! The hints are littered from the beginning, but I held my breath until it actually happened. And I was so happy it did! Sure, it shifts the focus a bit, but in this case, I didn’t mind. It doesn’t overpower the situation too often and it’s well scripted.

The friends are amazing as usual and support our heroine throughout her heroic journey and for a change, they are rewarded for their loyalty. You’ll know what I mean if you read the book.

The dialogue is ok as is the prose. The world is adequately described though I wished that the two moons and two suns could have been used a concept other than just as a ploy to differentiate the normal world from theirs in the book.

BOTTOMLINE: If you like stories about young adults taking on the world as reluctant adults; if you like heroes and their amazing powers; if you like fantasy the way it used to be written before vampires and werewolves started crowding the scene, give this book a try. It’s a simple and quick read and will make your two hour journey seem a lot shorter than it should be.


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