Frost Burn by K T Munson & Nichelle Rae

The land of frost and fire have always been at war with each other. An uneasy peace established for trade purposes is the only thing holding together the two thin bridges between them. However, when nature decides to take things into her own hands, all mortals have to come together, whether they wield fire or ice, to withstand her wrath.

I like nature in books. And a story about how nature could destroy you with her little finger while not flinching at all is a concept which we’re all uncomfortably familiar with; but, also comfortably numb to. So, when stories bring it up, highlight it the way this story does, I feel vindicated and scared at the same time.

So yes, this book does move me. The devastation that can be wrought by a wrongly timed rain is vividly described. And magic and fantasy of its world notwithstanding, this book does manage to put the fear of Mother Nature in its readers.

The characters are reminiscent of the previous book I read by K T Munson. They are strong, they are stubborn and they have a sense of humour. The problem is that while the voices of the frost nation people sound very natural, the dialogues of fire nation come off stilted. Its standard words, standard syntax, but the standard nature shows itself up a little too much. I wished it wasn’t so, because the story kept moving along at a great pace and this sort of tended to interfere with my enjoyment of it.

Like I’ve already said, the pace of the story- amazing! Things happen in every chapter without a breather. It doesn’t get too heavy either, because of the intermittent easy conversations and detailed descriptions of the world. Until towards the end, that is. The ending was rushed. I had the same issue with her previous book too. The ending, after putting me through so much on the journey leading to it, so many twists and so many turns- it was just too easily done.

But, we did get an explanation and the symbolism which they gave a lot of value to, was very satisfying. So it ameliorated the pain a little for me of a rushed ending.

Ooh! The other thing I loved- their magic- how it uses energy, how it costs them to use it- it’s not all good; everything has it pros and cons- that balance is maintained throughout the story and that I enjoyed a lot. It added a touch of physical realism to what would otherwise be an unrelatable fantasy.

BOTTOMLINE: I like the story. It really moves along and takes you along for a ride. The characters, despite being stilted are nice and you want to root for them. And it’s a fast read. So, I recommend you take it along on your next short flight journey and spend your hours in the air with some fire and ice.


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