False Moves (Nancy Drew Files Case #9) by Carolyn Keene

I know Carolyn Keene is a collective of authors and I shouldn’t be expecting consistency; but, Nancy Drew Files are my least favourite of the various Nancy Drew series.

I guess it stems from the fact that I’ve been idolising Nancy Drew since I was maybe 9; in fact she’s one first heroes and one of the earliest motivators for my later feminist ideologies. Now, when you take such a figure from my life and make her angst over her chocolate-eyed boyfriend, I guess it just rubs me the wrong way.

Apart from that, my qualms with this particular book:

1) It was like a DIY mystery with the solution staring at you in the face even before you reached the halfway mark.

2) The motive didn’t live up to the shenanigans pulled.

3) Please point me to that one building where a guy running around in a black face mask wouldn’t be noticed! What? So, you got to do the criminal-ing, but first order of business is to go, change into your all-black, look-at-me-up-to-no-good costume complete with a black face mask?! Come on!

4) Girl be too mean to her rebound guy…In fact, its the writer being too mean to both the rebounds. Subtlety was thrown out the window in their haste to convince me that they’re just not as perfect as our perfect couple. Humans are flawed, man; that’s ok! Is what I wanted to tell them.

5) I don’t know…it just didn’t tingle me as it used to… I know that’s not a good enough reason, but, I’m the reader and it’s my review. So there!

BOTTOMLINE: Well, never thought I’d give my childhood hero two stars; but, I guess that’s what growing up does to you… And angsty heroines.

2 thoughts on “False Moves (Nancy Drew Files Case #9) by Carolyn Keene

  1. I’ve not read any of these yet. I am working my way through the original Nancy Drew series, as I never read them growing up…… Currently on book 26 and love them!


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