The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson

I’ve been reading it the last couple of weeks and the major takeaway, (until about the end of the 7th chapter), was to check your metric. It’s the metric you’ve been using to measure yourself with, your self-worth and your value. And talking about values, also the values you could prioritize, or discard.

I connected to this instantly because I graduated from medical school 5 years ago and since then, well, it’s been that sort of a mess.

See, I’d always looked at myself as an academician. Not in the sense of a teacher, but as a good student. I’d always been a good student; scored decently well; achieved my goals; essentially a textbook rendition. Then, I finished med school and had to prepare for residency. And that’s where I hit the first road block. I couldn’t study, which was basically all I did for the last 22 years of my life. Since I couldn’t study, I couldn’t crack the entrance, I couldn’t achieve my goals and I suddenly, I started to question my very existence. If I wasn’t a good student, then what was I? And what was I supposed to do next?

It took me 2 years and desperation to make peace with the residency I took up finally. But, the process of re-evaluation, of my idea of myself, my self-worth, is still ongoing.

I’m enjoying reading this book because it’s putting words to what I’m feeling and that makes the process feel more legitimate, more tangible and less in-my-head. It’s also given me a few useful pointers to help along the way of re-evaluation. I’m 2 chapters away from the cover now and interested to see where else it goes, what else it puts words to. And I’m interested to see how it changes my life in that minutely significant way that books are wont to do.  

Wish me luck!


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