Reading Rush Day 2

So, I know I completely skipped over day 1. That’s because I didn’t even touch my TBR that day. I thought about it a lot, certainly, but, didn’t manage to actually pop one of them books open.

Instead, I spent the day reading Harry Potter fanfiction.

I used to read a lot of fanfiction actually, when I was like 13. I forced myself to take a break when it came to the point of literally consuming every minute of my day that I wasn’t at school. Since then, I look towards it with reasonable wariness. I usually read a few one-shots, or drabbles, nothing that might involve involvement… until last week, when I threw caution to the winds and dove in.

It took the trauma of an entire Monday to come back up for air.

Day 2 started off infinitely better! I was up early, it was already raining and I could get an early breakfast with a side of Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Today was also the first time that I participated in the twitter sprints and the sense of community it offered was instrumental in keeping me un-distractedly distracted!

So, Good Omens

It’s smart humor. There were times when I had to re-read a line because I didn’t get the punchline or wasn’t sure if there was a punchline. It’s also because of a combination of play on words with inside jokes with that typical sarcastic cynicism. It’s not a book that you can turn your brain off for. You need to pay attention, you need to follow and get involved so you can get screaming mad when they get screaming mad.

Because the joy in Terry Pratchett’s books is going with the flow. You might have expected to just dip your feet in, but that’s really not how it works. I’d suggest that you jump in and let go. The ride will be bumpy, a little painful, maybe you’ll end up with a few bruises here and there, but, it’ll also be very very fun.

The only minor, very minor, gripe I had was it felt a little dragged out. There was always something happening of course, but maybe, the setting up took a little too long. I might have gotten a teeny bit impatient waiting for Armageddon.

Do I need to talk about characters? Gaiman and Pratchett are masters in creating most people-like people, with quirks and characteristics and solid consistency. They come alive off the page and are, more often than not, almost uncomfortably memorable.

Coming back to The Reading Rush, this book was for the Watch a book-movie adaptation challenge; so, I need to make time now to watch the Amazon Prime original. Good Omens was also part of my catch-up TBR in preparation for NEWTs readathon 2019. That’s in August and I’m all geared up for that now.

My next read, ready with a bookmark, is Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger. It’s 3 AM however and I do have to go to work tomorrow, so, goodnight and…

Happy Reading!

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