The Reading Rush: Day 4

I don’t know where I came across the phrase ‘oppressive weather’; what I’m certain about is I hadn’t understood how much it feels like an elephant trying to get comfortable, while sitting on you.

Until today.

Today- the day the inspector decides to inspect my department.

At 4 in the evening, we finally passed.

By 5, I was back and rubbing the salts off my skin with buckets of cold water and by 6, the elephant was sitting on me again.

But by then, I also had picked up my book- so I could ignore its weight by losing myself in the steampunk world, with Sophronia, in Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality, learning etiquette and espionage.

Also, I could finally take part in a Twitter sprint again- this one hosted by Claire Fenby and I tell you, it’s so much fun reading with others. Even over long distances. Nice to know we share the same crazy.

Yesterday was also the read-ins day. So, people all met up to read together in real life and were all posting about it and talking about it, and I sat with my book and the imaginary people in my head (who were also reading, coz’ my head, my rules) and made-believe I was at one too. Hosted by me. In my bed. Where snacks were also provided. I was an awesome host.

And so I read, until the book slipped out of my hands and my eyes slid shut, because I was up for two days in a row and that’s really not a nice way to treat a body.

Happy reading y’all!

PS: I started watching Good Omens! It’s great except for all that narration.

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