Reading Rush- Wrap Up

I vanished after day 4 without an update because that’s when I actually got into the series, i.e, The Finishing School serles by Gail Carriger

The first one took some time. But, once it took, I was on a roll. I finished the second and didn’t even stop to update my progress on Goodreads before grabbing the third of the series.

Now I don’t think it’s entirely because it was that great a story- I do remember a distinct feeling of irritation. But, I was in that world, where everyone had a second agenda and our heroine was perpetually curious and persistently in trouble. So, that’s how days 5 and 6 passed by and day 7 rolled around; I was in the middle of book 4, the final one and the one I was actually reading for the first time when I ran out of steam. One moment I was right there with Sophronia dying to know what the Picklemen are getting up to and the next- I just, I didn’t care. I started wondering what my mum was doing or what BTS was up to or if I should consider watching old episodes of Running man to scratch the itch.

That’s why I finished my Reading rush feeling like a total bust and didn’t take part in any of the final sprints despite liking all of them. Just one of those days.

So, that’s it for 2019, closing it off with 1592 pages read, 4 books finished and 10 badges earned and of course, a TBR left hanging. Oh! And loved the Twitter sprints!

Here’s wishing for a better next year and keep reading…


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