This Week’s TBR (Oct 28 – Nov 3 2019)

Usually, I’m a one book at a time sort of a person, which means TBR means not much to me other than the pile of books glaring balefully at me every time I open the cupboard. However, this past month of de-depressing myself by diving into the books has resulted in a Goodreads currently reading of 6 books…

SIX books, I tell you!

Some of them are physical copies that I don’t always carry around, some are on my kindle app which Youtube keeps distracting me from and one is a soft ARC that I should’ve reviewed at least a month back.

So to keep things straight in my head, I want to write it down here.

Book 1: Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

I got this book recommendation from the Naughty Librarian’s videos where she described it as a mystery per book kind of series, led by a badass magical assassin. Now, I do have a soft spot for assassins, especially when they happen to be female, especially-especially when they happen to be magical. So, I grabbed this first one on my kindle and am ploughing through it- ploughing because it has some tropes that I no longer have patience for. But, more on that when I review it (which I will do. It’s a promise!)

Book 2: Chronicle in Stone by Ismail Kadare (Translated by Arshi Pipa)

I took up this book to kick-start my “Around the world in books” journey. It’s set in Albania and the setting is as much a character in the book as any of the others. It’s beautifully written (and translated) and has a meandering prose. I put it on hold because it was so beautiful when I started reading it that I ordered a physical copy. Now, the physical copy is here and all I need to do is dive in again.

Book 3: The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh by Sanjaya Baru

Recently, I’ve gotten curious about the people running my country. My adulting neurons said, “Wow…Took you long enough,” and pointed out this book on my shelf that had been invisible to me before. Mr. Sanjaya Baru is a journalist and he’s doing a stellar job of laying out the scenario.

Book 4: An Indian Spy in Pakistan by Mohanlal Bhaskar

Again a result of my recent political inclination. It’s the memoir of a man who was arrested for being an Indian spy in Pakistan (as the title says) during the 1960s. It’s a short book, made difficult by the early annoyance of typos and grammatical mismanagement. So, I’m stuck at 3%. But, I’m optimistic that I can overcome my snobbery and finish the book. Some day.

Book 5: Miss Marple and Mystery: Over 50 Stories by Agatha Christie

This is the collection of all the short stories featuring Miss Marple and this is also the book that I don’t want to really finish. You see, it’s my comfort read- for those days of bad mood, wrong starts and in general sadness. So, I don’t want to be done with it and having to search for a replacement; and if that means I’ll have to put it in the (virtual) freezer, then so be it.

Book 6: Evie and the Upside-down World of Nevermore by Birgitte Märgen

This is the most guilt-inducing one; because this is an ARC that I was supposed to have reviewed, according to my long-suffering calendar, in August. But then, the slump hit, depression happened and now, I’m not sure how much I remember. But, I’ll pick it up soon. I’m optimistic today!

That’s my last week of October’s guilt-ridden, decidedly non-spooky TBR- on the side of a thesis submission and research paper write-up.

Wish me luck and Happy reading!

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