Better Off Wed by Laura Durham

For Annabelle Archer, new wedding planner on the block, bridezillas were passe. Crazy mothers of the bride were the new in thing and Clara Pierce took the cake in the category. So, when she’s found dead at her daughter’s wedding, the list of suspects is rather long and includes Annabelle and her friends. What starts off as an attempt to clear their name devolves into something much more dangerous, faster than she has a chance to realize just how dangerous.

It was classified on bookbub under cozy mysteries. Now, I love cozy mysteries. But, if, apparently, inclusion in the category of cozy mysteries now requires you to include:

  1. Gratuitous descriptions of how hot the detective is- as in I got it the first time; you don’t have to hit me over the head with it every time.
  1. Insta-attraction between the main character and the detective despite them exchanging nothing more than business talk together until suddenly, he’s calling her by the first name and patting her hair. Also, what’s with every single person trying to set her up? Let the woman be single for a page!
  1. Immaturity. Why are grown adults behaving with the emotional range of a tactless teenager? Making eyes at the sexy detective over a dead body is not ok, and that’s irrespective of how much you might have not cared for the now-dead person when they were alive. Adult human brains can’t process or get over death so easily, especially when you were in such close proximity as to trip over the fricking body!
  1. Stupidity. I can’t accept the main character’s genius in the last chapter given how slow she otherwise was for the rest of the book. That might be a pet peeve though. I like consistency in my characters’ neuronal capacities.


BOTTOMLINE: Apart from the above gripes, the book is an easy read, something to pick up when you don’t want to get into anything. The prose is simple, the characters are as expected in a book of this genre (which is something I thoroughly enjoy) and the story follows the pattern you would expect of a fun murder mystery

PS: How does she find so much time to go out of her way to be sleuthing? When does she work? Wasn’t she supposed to be so very busy?

PPS: I couldn’t like the handsome detective. Bickering ain’t “cute” bickering if one party be condescending and dismissive. (Guess who?)

Happy Reading!

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