Vision 2020

Yes, here is one more of my sporadic posts in which I make promises of regular updates which never happen.

So, what’s this about?

The three bookish challenges I’ll be taking up this year.

First is this thing I came up with last September when my life felt like it was going nowhere and I made up goals in an attempt to convince it otherwise. The idea is to read a book for every country in the world.

Now, the rules only dictate that the country should be a setting for the story. The author can be whosoever and it need not necessarily be “literature” of the land. However, it should convey the sense of the place; you know, the kind which takes you on a journey in your bed, fills in the gaps in your dreams and leaves you with an itch that grows increasingly annoying with neglect.

I’ve also started by striking off the countries that have already been read through. And discovered that I’m a true homebody.

Recently I did finish a book from Sri Lanka (2 minutes back) and loved it. Hopefully I can rouse myself enough to give you a rousing review of the same.

The second challenge is something I’m participating in on Goodreads. It’s the standard around the year in 52 books- a la 2020. I’m three weeks in and already lagging behind.

The third and final is the most challenging challenge of them all- it’s to pass my exam.

Wish me luck and…

Happy Reading!

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