Gentry Mandrake was born different. He was a fey, but, neither beautiful nor delicate. He flies to his family yearning for love, but, is met with rejection at every turn. The darkness inside him that scares him and tantalizes him in equal degree is yawning wide and as the world of man begins to dip … More Liefdom

The Golden Rule

  For all the children of the world- young and old. We all grow up in an environment filled with people who are different from us. This story is about a little girl who is curious about those differences and the implications of those differences. But, what she ends up discovering is that we are … More The Golden Rule

Exodus ’95

Claire Williams is willing to take on a dangerous mission just to get out of the rut that her life is in; Dan Ze’evi is desperate to save his failing company. Brought together by equal amounts of chance and design, they set out to recover the mystical staff of Moses, the secret of which was … More Exodus ’95

A Change of Heart

Gabriel wanted to live his life in peace. He didn’t wish for fame or riches. He just wanted peace; from his drunken abusive uncle for his aunt, from cruel bullies at university and from his heartsickness over his unrequited love for his close friend- Rachel. But, one fateful meeting with a dying vampire changes everything. … More A Change of Heart

Unposted Letter

Usually when my mother hands me a book with a thinking man on the cover, I take it with a not-so-snide share misgivings. This time was no different except that my mother was smarter. She first made me listen to a talk given by the author which had me in splits. Then, she handed me … More Unposted Letter


  Brandon Fisher, youngest member of his Behaviour Analysis Unit (FBI) team, knew that this case would be another stomach-churning one. After all, they had been called out to Savannah, Georgia to investigate severed body parts fished out of Little Ogeechee River. But, even that gloomy outlook couldn’t have predicted the depths of insanity that … More Remnants