Midnight’s Children

Day 70 – 202 Midnight’s Children By Salman Rushdie   One of the most difficult books I’ve read to date. There! I’ve made the admission. I mean look at the number of days on the clock! But, in the interest of full disclosure, it’s not entirely the book’s fault. Reduced attention span and a rather … More Midnight’s Children

I Capture the Castle

Days 56 – 64 I Capture the Castle Read this book for Cassandra. She is the 17 year old narrator with a wonderfully fresh perspective and a sense of humour so subtle, that there is continuous release of dopamine in your brain without you even realising it. She makes you smile; she makes you frown; … More I Capture the Castle


Day 40-55 Emma   Reading gives us some place to go, when we have to stay where we are. And of all of the places to visit, the worlds of Jane Austen have always been a decided favourite. The reasons are manifold, a few of which are that her characters are so rich, so full … More Emma

Animal Farm

Day 38-39 Animal Farm I had heard of this book before I ever thought of reading it and as I held the diminutive book in my hand, I wondered why I never did think of reading its 100-odd pages. As I began to delve into the happenings at Manor Farm, I had this strange feeling … More Animal Farm


Day 22 – 37 Birdsong   Sebastian Faulks is an author with a soaring imagination. I have no idea how much of the book comes from borrowed experience and how much from fantasy, but his writing, especially his descriptions of happening events detail every step by step moment with an honesty that carries its own … More Birdsong

Princess Diaries

Day 21, 22 Princess Diaries   This reminded me of a book that I read back in the seventh grade. It was also by Meg Cabot. It also reminded me of the reason why that was the first and only such book that I read- because the urge to throw the book (or in this … More Princess Diaries